Need to Make a Big Impression? Consider Large-Format Printing Services in Sydney

Today’s digital technology gives you the chance to print any size of banners with unlimited length – even up to 3.2 meters wide! Large format printing Sydney services offer you a chance to get outstanding image quality, along with fast turnaround and the ability to print diverse materials for both outdoor and indoor use. All these services are available at affordable prices and print on demand.

Large Format Printing Sydney

Sydney Large Format Printing Applications

Large format printing include virtually endless applications such as:

  • Tradeshows
  • Promotions
  • Point of Retail and Purchase Signs
  • Party Banners
  • Backlit Applications
  • Art Reproductions
  • Information Sheets
  • Giant Checks
  • Training Flip Charts
  • Flags
  • Photo Enlargements
  • Indoor and Outdoor Light Boxes
  • Presentations
  • Exhibits and Event Displays…and so much more.

Now, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of large format printing Sydney services:

The Full Advantage

A few decades ago, large signages were texts only. Today, new printing technologies on large format printing in Sydney offer you a striking combination of both letters and graphics. Its attention-grabbing effect helps ensure that your message stands out.

Since the size range is greater now, this printing process becomes much more cost-effective when ordering low volumes, such as 1 to 50, without spending a lot on mass productions. Another great advantage of large format printing is that the same printed digital images can be reproduced in just about any size for various purposes.

Going Big

In advertising, size does matter. The rule is that the bigger your advertisement is, the more it will reach out to your audience. Combined with the correct message and design to convey your critical message, the use of a large format poster is an incredibly effective marketing strategy.

Supplying Artwork

If your business involves providing artwork where special fonts are required, the best large format printing Sydney service provider will require your files for loading into their computer system. It is critical that you supply the original images whenever possible to achieve the best results.

Scanning Graphics

If you want scanned images to be embedded in your large format print job, it is critical that images are scanned at 100 dpi for optimal results. Scanning images at higher than necessary resolutions is likely to cause printing problems, which can extend the print times with little improvements in print quality.

Using the Right Ink

If your large format project is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, you should request for UV resistant ink. UV inks do not fade in the sun, as well as water-resistant – offering outdoor large poster durability. This makes your indoor or outdoor advertisement durable, while cost-effective since it does not include lamination.

Picking the Right Finish Options

Large posters can be enhanced by using framing or matte/gloss lamination. Mounting can be achieved through different board types such as foamcore board, fibreboard, coreflute, acrylic, or PVC for improved appearances and added durability. Lamination can also help protect your project from water, fingerprints, scratches, and dust.

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